Week 12
No class

Wed Nov 13
11:45am - 3:00pm
Rm 755
Main campus

Week 13

Mon Nov 18
11:45am - 2:50pm
Rm 755
Main campus

Wed Nov 20
11:45am - 3:00pm
Rm 755
Main campus



Please bring your most valuable drawing of the semester with you to class oN Wednesday, Nov 13.

Cross-Hatching Exercise

Complete 7 drawings of the pelican plus a drawing of your choice for the final 8th frame.

Add the new drawing to your portfolio by beginning of class Wednesday, Nov 13

Wed, Nov 13:

  • Micron pens

  • Ruler

  • 18’ x 24” drawing pad

Past /Present /Future Drawing

Bring your sketchbook and pencil to class Wednesday.

Due: Mon Nov 4

Upload your portfolio to our shared folder.

Tonal Drawing of Fabric Pt. 2
Wed: Oct 16

Upload your updated portfolio to our shared folder. Include comments.

Download photo file

Materials for Wednesday, Oct 9

  • 1 sheet Canson Steel Gray paper 98 lbs
    (available in the Bookstore)

  • white charcoal pencil

  • black charcoal pencil

  • kneaded eraser

  • blending stump

Tonal Drawing of Fabric
Wed: Oct 9

Update your portfolio and upload to our shared folder.

Assignment details
Goal To describe form with a deepened and expanded knowledge of the elements and principles of line, shape, light and shadow.
Instructions Create a finished tonal drawing of the still life set up in class. Pay close attention to the dynamic changes in the folds of the cloth and how light and shadow interact.
Preparation How to Draw Fabric Folds
Composition Keep in mind the following:

  • Look for the lines. How do they finish?

  • Look for the connections between shapes. Are they connected by lines?

  • Only draw what you see

  • Don’t lose track of the larger shapes

  • Establish a palette of four tones. Refer to them when shading your drawing

  • Proceed using four tones

  • Squinting helps increase contrast

  • Move from large to smaller tonal areas

  • Play hide and seek with the outlines

  • Add tone around the contour of your finished drawing to bring out the highlights


Field Trip

San Diego Museum of Art

When: Mon., Nov 18, 1PM
Where: San Diego Museum of Art
1450 El Prado, Balboa Park,
San Diego, CA 92101
Click here to see a map

How much: Admission is free


Prof. Perry Vasquez

noon- 4 pm
Rm 707