Directions to Projection Site
We'll meet Friday, Mar 9 at noon

Week 8

Tues Mar 20
8:15am - 11:20 am
Rm 755
Main campus

Thu Mar 22
8:15am - 11:20 am
Rm 755
Main campus

Week 9



Midterm Portfolio Review
Sun, Mar 28 by midnight

At 102 Digital Portfolio template

Digital portfolio example

Tips for creating a clean portfolio

Due: Thu, March 22
Deliverables: Minimum 1 complete design. Additional designs will count as extra credit.

Presentation: Work in progress
Due: Mon Mar 12

Homework: Create 5-10 thumbnails sketches for the #ArtTrumpsWall project. Bring in 5-10 images clipped from magazines, newspapers. copied from books or downloaded from the Web, for inspiration.

Due: Tue, Mar 6

Tangerine Dream
Using the art of drawing to document the dissection of a tangerine. The goal is not to have a finished drawing in the conventional sense but to create a visual record of the internal and external structure of a tangerine.
Due: Tue, Feb 27

Site Drawing
Tues Feb 20

LInk to Site Drawings ppt

Link to The Green Line film

Go to the Dream Anatomy website. Choose one drawing and make a copy in your sketchbook.

Due: Tues, Feb 12

Watch The Secret of Drawing.

Make a drawing in your sketchbook that combines the physiognomy of a human being (your self) and an animal. You may use charcoal, graphite, colored pencils, ink and or watercolor to complete your assignment.

Due: Tuesday, Feb 6




Drawing ll is an intermediate class that will teach students how to build on the fundamental representational skills acquired in Drawing l. During the course of the semester, students will further explore drawing as mark-making, as gesture and as pattern. Students will be asked to rely more on their ability to research imagery and to create an archive of images to draw inspiration from. This increased reliance on conceptual approaches to drawing will require students to develop the power of imagination.

Futhermore, students will gain insight into their own creative process through a survey of creative methodologies, beliefs and ideas about perpception and reality. At the end of the semester students will be able to demonstrate a growing command of drawing basics as well as an improved ability to discourse about drawng as a philosophical practice.

Prof. Perry Vasquez

noon- 3 pm
Rm 707