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Week 15

Mon May 14
11:45 am- 2:50 pm
Main Campus
RM 755

Wed May 16
11:45 am- 2:50 pm
Main Campus
RM 755

Finals week
Wed May 23
10:40 am


Portrait Painting
Wed May 23, 10:40 am

Final Portfolio
Upload  Folder Link
Midnight, Wed, May 23

Use this naming protocol for your uploaded file:

At 107

  • Chiaroscuro painting (skull)
  • Portrait painting
  • Summary Artist Statement 

Art 108

  • Matieres
  • 3D
  • FInal Project
  • Summary Artist Statement 

Chiaroscuro painting

Due: Mon Apr 23

Midterm Portfolio Review
Sun Mar 25/ midnight

Art 107 portfolio template

Sample portfolio

Art 107

Zedist Painting
Due: Wed
Mar 21

Saturation scale using two complementary colors
Due: Mon Feb 26

Color Theory Quiz
Wed Feb 28

Chroma-Value Scale
Wed Feb 21

Subjective Color Painting Pts. 1 and 2.

Due: Mon Feb 12

Please bring another 8x10 canvas with you on Monday 

Due: Monday, Feb 5.
Watch the Kung Fu Episode and write down in your sketchbook opposite and complimentary relationships you notice.

Fill out the Five Animals Skills Survey and bring it to class with you. Make a painting of your hybrid animal on canvas.

Thinking about Contrast ppt.

Due: Jan 30
In order to reserve your kit please call them directly at 619-687-0050.

$138.99 + TAX

 Chiaroscuro study of the human skull.

Chiaroscuro study of the human skull.








Painting 1 and 2

What: Field trip to Museum of Art When: Mon, Mar 12 @ 1pm
1450 El Prado
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Click to see a map
Cost: Admission free for students

We will meet at the Museum. Please bring your sketchbook. Friends and family welcome.
Call me 619-244-9302
Call Museum  619-232-7931

Painting 1 is a basic studio course in the media and techniques of painting. Activity will emphasize the study of color, structure, creativity and aesthetic values in general. A command of techniques and materials, both traditional and experimental, will be taught.

Painting 2 will receive more advanced assignments with increasing emphasis on the expressive possibilities of the medium.

Contact/Office Hours

Prof. Perry Vasquez
Tuesdays, 12 pm - 3pm
Rm 707