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Welcome to Painting 1 and 2

Painting 1 is a basic studio course in the media and techniques of painting. Activity will emphasize the study of color, structure, creativity and aesthetic values in general. A command of techniques and materials, both traditional and experimental, will be taught.

Painting 2 will receive more advanced assignments with increasing emphasis on the expressive possibilities of the medium.




Chiaroscuro study of the human skull.

Chiaroscuro study of the human skull.


Week 10

Mon Oct 23
Labor Day
No class

Wed Oct 24
11:45 am- 2:50 pm
Main Campus
RM 755


Art 107

Skull painting
Due: Wed Nov 15

Paper Airplane with High Key Palette
Wed Oct 18

Mid-term portfolio Review
Due: Mon Oct 9 midnight

Download template
Art 107 portfolio template.ppt


Zedism Painting/ Saturation Scale
Due: Wed, Sep 27

Value Scale
Due: Mon Sep 11

Subjective color compositions/
Circle and Grid

Due: Wed Sep 6

Due: Monday, Aug 28

Materials for Monday

  • 2 small canvases
  • all brushes/brush wallet
  • palette knife
  • disposable palette pad
  • Gamsol
  • linseed oil
  • all pigments
  • soft rags


Contact/Office Hours

Prof. Perry Vasquez
Tuesdays, 12 pm - 3pm
Rm 707