Directions to Projection Site


Google map co-ordinates: 32°33'12.2"N 116°53'58.1"W


Directions:  The neighborhood is called Las Torres, and the prototypes are visible from the south side of the wall.,+22470+Tijuana,+Baja+California/@32.5442021,-116.9029679,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80d9474a57927143:0x57067ec62304cf84!8m2!3d32.5446997!4d-116.8954511?hl=en

1. Cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana at the Otay crossing

2. After you cross the border at Otay, drive straight ahead and through the border aduana. Get over to the right hand lanes. 

3. Turn right onto the Bellas Artes exit. It curves around and you go down to the end, and then turn right onto Blvd. Bellas Artes. 

4. On Bellas Artes, just keep going and going straight ahead. You will go for about a mile and a half, and there will be a lot of trailer trucks.

5. Go PAST Calle 12 (Calle Doce) and you will start going around a curve. 

Go for about one more block and get over to the left lane.  There is a PEMEX on the corner and you will see Bodega Arrurea over behind the PEMEX back and on the right-- a HUGE green building. 

6. Turn left here at the light--it is Calle Mexicali. This is where Bodega Arrurea is. Turn left and go up the hill.  NOTE: You should stop here and go use the bathrooms. There won't be any bathrooms out at the prototype site it can be very uncomfortable. 

7. After you go to the bathroom, go back out to the street and turn left and go up the hill into the neighborhood. 

8. Go up for a few blocks and you will see an Oxxo. (You might want to buy some water). You can turn left here and go all the way down to the border fence. OR you can go one more block and turn left at the next street. Both of the streets are really bumpy and rough. Go all the way down to the border fence and you will see the open sky ahead--the prototypes are right there. 

9. Down at the prototype area, there is a big yonke--Yonke El Cuñado. One of the owner's name is Kevin, and they are pretty cool. You should turn right at the end and park off to the side because big trucks drive down these streets. 


Good luck! 

My Tijuana phone number is 619-244-9302 if you want to call and check in. 


Prof V