Upcoming Exhibitions


Under the Perfect Sun: New Paintings by Perry Vásquez

Athenaeum Art and Music Library
September 22 – October 28, 2018
1008 Wall St., La Jolla, CA

Vasquez’ exhibition focuses on the images of burning palm trees painted with attention to detail against empty blue skies, placing them in the California pop tradition of painters like Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari.

“You don’t notice things until they go wrong,” Vásquez says. “Palm trees were of no interest to me as a subject matter for art until I saw a photo of one burning. It made such a deep impression on me I became obsessed with the subject matter overnight. It speaks volumes about the degradation of our environment and its far-reaching impact.”

Working within tightly framed vertical formats, Vásquez casts an objective and analytical eye onthe palms as vexed symbols of Southern California's modern lifestyle characterized by its emphasis on technological innovation, social mobility, experimentation, mass entertainment and cultural novelty.

Past Exhibitions


We the People: Towards a New Definition

A Ship in the Woods Music festival
June 16 –17, 2018
Escondido, CA

"WE THE PEOPLE" are perhaps the three most significant words in the political lexicon of the United States of America. In 2018, just who are "We the people"? What do we stand for? We the People is an audience participation piece whose purpose is to engage the public on their views  of our national identity.


The Gates of Heck Experience
An immersive video environment

June 30, 2018
Idea 1 Lofts
San Diego, CA