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Next Showing

"Fotoaktion!" will be screening at:
The San Diego Latino Film Festival
March 12th, Thursday at 6:30 pm
UltraStar Cinemas Hazard Center
7510 Hazard Center Drive #100
San Diego, 92108

Doris "Boris" Berman

A film by Perry Vasquez
Art Direction by Andi Brandenburg
Editing by Akira Chan
A San Diego City Works Press Production

Featuring: Doris "Boris" Berman, Walter Alter, Mark Huestis, and Stefan Eins.

35 minutes color

Doris “Boris” Berman is the subject of Fotoaktion! a documentary film that traces her evolution from teen-age Austrian pop star to avant-garde photographer and San Francisco art noise diva. Fotoaktion is the term Berman used to describe the interactive events she first staged as an art student at San Francisco City College in 1981. Her fotoaktion idea has its roots in the Happenings of the 1960s and even more specifically in the movement called Vienna Aktionism that occurred during the same time.

The film follows Berman and Perry Vasquez, who produced and directed the film, as they prepare to collaborate on a fotoaktion at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Vasquez first met Berman in 1981 while he was producing Nihl Magazine at Stanford University where he published her photos and assisted her at her early fotoaktions.

Along the way, the viewer is taken on a mini-tour of the 1980s San Francisco underground art world through a series interviews and archival videotape. In one segment we see Berman directing a fotoaktion performance. The performance, complete with primitive video editing effects, captures the experimental iconoclasm and spontaneous spirit of the times.

Artist/musician Walter Alter, Berman’s partner in crime on a variety of projects throughout the 80s, Mark Heustis, fimmaker, and Stefan Eins, founder of Fashion Moda, also appear. Crackling with creative energy and verve, Fotoaktion! is a candid and revealing portrait of Doris Boris Berman as a young punk rock performance artist and the world around her.