This new painting is titled X-Ray Vision (24" x 36").  I'm continuing to explore dense compositions of smaller images collected under the contours of a larger form. X-Ray Vision is an amalgam of images of cowboys and indians cribbed from American mass culture, including television, comics and movies. The seed for this painting was actually planted many years ago in 2008 when my brother gave me a copy of Ward Churchill's book Fantasies of the Master RaceIt's fine collection of essays - each performing a deft post-mortem on various media stereotypes of Native Americans. Reading through the book you are struck by how brutally expedient Hollywood can be when it comes to mythologizing American history. It seems there wasn't an Indian alive who couldn't be reduced to a ridiculous caricature with only the slightest connection to reality. Churchill invites the reader to imagine the European counterpart; a Frenchman wearing Bavarian clothing, speaking with pidgin Spanish, living in a tree house and using a gondola to travel over water. The absurdities pile up faster then bodies at a massacre.