Mission San Andromeda: Public mural


My Southwestern College drawing class created Mission San Andromeda, a mural  exhibited at the San Diego Airport as a part of the Intergalactic Dreaming Exhibition (January 2017 – January 2018). The mural is an abstract representation of a space mission to the Andromeda Galaxy, our closest neighbor in the universe. The idea was formulated in group discussions around the theme of Intergalactic Dreaming.

The students formulated the following Mission Statement in relation to their learning experiences in the class:

Our mission is to bring passion, perspective and patience to the processes of discovery and artistic creation.  Passion is the core of an artist. In patience there is always wisdom. Our perspective informs our reality. We do this not only to improve our minds but also to create unity within our community. It’s all about the GOOD VIBES!”


The following action phrases are ones that we have decided to weave into the mural to serve as positive messages to viewers on their own personal journeys.

  • Travel and discover
  • Discover and express
  • Express and create
  • Create and progress
  • Progress and remember
  • Remember and travel