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Art 100 Sketchbook Assignments

Sketchbook assignments are evaluated during the 5th, 9th and 13th weeks.
Please label each drawing according to the correct week and use a sticky to mark the first page of your assignment

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 2: Complete the Five Animals Skills Survey of your hybrid animal. Use Dragon's Tail, Cloudy Hands and Tiger Claw techniques to make drawings of two kitchen objects. Create 3 views of each object. Use charcoal or graphite

 __Sketchbook Assignment Week 3:  Make 5 drawings (subject matter is your choice) that emphasize line. Watch this video for inspiration. 

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 4: Use brush and ink to make five squiggle drawings

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 5: Submit your sketchbook for evaluation.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 6: Make 3 drawings of your hand using aggregate shapes. Use this example.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 7: Draw a still life using fruit. Emphasize shape, line and value. Watch this video to guide your effort

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 8: Sketchbook: Make 5 drawings of random objects within a tight frame. Emphasize form, line and value

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 9: Submit your sketchbook for evaluation.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 10: Sketchbook: Draw 5 real world objects in perspective (bed, chair table, box, etc)

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 11: Draw part of your bedroom in 1 pt. perspective

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 12: Draw exterior of your house in 2 pt. perspective

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 13: Submit your sketchbook for evaluation.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 14: No assignment

__Sketchbook Assignment Week 15: No assignment