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Art 100 Sketchbook Assignments

Sketchbook assignments are evaluated on a weekly basis.
Please label each drawing according to the correct week.


DOwnload this drawing and copy it upside down.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #1:
Complete the Five Animals Skills Survey.

 __Sketchbook Assignment Week #2:
Make a drawing of the upside down figure by Picasso.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #3:
Make a drawing of a piece of machinery found around your house. It could be a can opener or a car. Give me 3-5 different views each with a different level of detail. Include your obeservations about key characteristics and functions of the machine.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #4:
Make a drawing using the prompt you were given in class. You may use any materials to complete your drawing.

Tonal texture using cross hatching.

Tonal texture using cross hatching.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #5:
Sketchbook evaluation

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #6
Make a drawing of a monument building to Donald Trump.

___Sketchbook Assignment Week #7

Use Dragon's Tail, Cloudy Hands and Tiger Claw techniques to draw an area of the ground that covers about 6' x 6". Use charcoal or graphite.

_Sketchbook Assignment Week #8

Take ten items out of your junk drawer and arrange them in a grouping. Draw the silhouette only. Reconfigure the items and draw them again.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #9

Make a drawing that uses a single gesture over and over again. Fill the entire page of your sketchbook.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #10
Sketchbook evaluation 

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #11
Design a UFO, include a cutwaway drawing that reveals the interior of the UFO.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #12

Find three leaves. Draw each in a high level of detail at least twice their normal size.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #13

Create a drawing that evokes a shifting field of tones using cross-hatching techniques only. See example above.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #14

Draw your pillow after you've slept in it.

__Sketchbook Assignment Week #15  

Sketchbook evaluation