#ArtTrumpsWalls  occurred on Saturday, April 7, 2018. It was a collaboration between my drawing students at Southwestern College, Tijuana-based photographer Jill Holslin, and Andrew Strum, MFA candidate at UCSD at the time. After a two week workshop, the students developed designs to be projected on President Trump's border wall prototypes at Otay Mesa, California directly opposite the US/Mexico border.  Photos by Jill Holslin and Jonathan Maier. 

Participating students:
Daphne A., Edgar A., Nicholas A., Alejandro C., Carlo D., Cristy D., Alejandro E., Arturo G., Brooke H., Le’Toya J., George L., Kiara M., Raquel N., Ricardo P., Michelle R., Kevin T., Abby W.

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