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Learning planar analysis.

Learning planar analysis.

Drawing 1 is a beginning class that will teach students the fundamental skills needed to turn ideas and perceptions into two-dimensional form. During the course of the semester, students will explore drawing as mark-making, as gesture and as pattern. To represent objects in space, the use of light and shadow as well as various other techniques of perspective and contrast will also be introduced. At the end of the semester students will be able to demonstrate a fundamentally sound command of drawing basics as well as an ability to discuss their work using aesthetic and philosophical terms. In-class drawing assignments will be supported by weekly sketchbook assignments, films, field trips, in class critiques, and writing about art.


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Landscape Drawing

Due: Tues May 16
Composition: How Artists Compose

Due: Still Life Drawing
Due: Thursday, April 13 end of class.

Extended to Tuesday, April 18

Dodecahedron Drawing (12-sided form) 
Due: Thursday, April 6 beginning of class.

Sketchbook Assignment
Use Dragon's Tail, Cloudy Hands and Tiger Claw techniques to draw an area of the ground that covers about 6' x 6". Use charcoal or graphite.

Due; Tuesday April 4

Sketchbook Assignment
Make a sketch for a monument to Donald Trump.
Due: Thu Mar 16

Perspective Assignment
Street Corner using 2 pt perspective
Materials: Graphite on 18" x 24" paper.

Due: Thu Mar 9

Sketchbook Assignment
Make a drawing using the prompt you were given in class. You may use any materials to complete your drawing.

Due: Thu Mar 2

Free form Grotesque Drawing:
Create a drawing on 18"x24" paper with a 2" margin. Using 1 and 2 point perspective with multiple horizon lines. Your drawing will lie between realism and abstraction, exhibit spatial depth, have a sense of proportion and use materials cleanly and expressively.

Due: Tue, Feb 28

Death Star Assignment:
Mark Crilley 2 pt perspective drawing demo: How to draw a Death Star

Due: Tues Feb 21

Sketchbook Assignment:
Download Upside down Picasso portrait of Igor Stravinsky,
The Rite of Stravinsky

Due: Tues Feb 14


Week 11

Tue Apr 18
Rm 711
Main Campus

Thu Apr 20
Rm 711
Main Campus

Week 12

Tue Apr 25
Rm 711
Main Campus

Thu Apr 27
Rm 711
Main Campus

Prof. Perry Vasquez

1- 4 pm
Rm 707