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 Learning planar analysis.

Learning planar analysis.







Week 8

Mon Mar 19
8:15am - 11:20 am
Rm 711
Main campus

Wed Mar 21
8:15am - 11:30 am
Rm 711
Main campus




Download lesson
Due: Wed Mar 21

Hokusai's Manga pdf

Homework: Print out a photo of the paper airplane you will draw. Finish coloring the six panel comic panel we began in class.

Due: Mon Mar 5

Homework: Complete the value scale we began in class
Sketchbook: Place a paper airplane under a direct light and make a tonal drawing of it. Tonal means emphasis on shades of gray.

Due: Mon Feb 26

Still Life Drawing with 3 Bottles
Download: Image
Due: Wed Feb 21

Homework: Complete six drawings of bottles using the aggregate shapes method.

Due: Monday, Feb 12

Complete the upside down drawing fro Wednesday's class.

Blick Art will deliver kits to the classroom Wednesday, January 31.

In order to reserve your kit please call them directly at 619-687-0050.
Kit Price - $123.99 + TAX

Monday February 5
Complete your viewing of Kung Fu Episode

Complete the Five Animals Skills Survey


Materials list





Drawing 1 is a beginning class that will teach students the fundamental skills needed to turn ideas and perceptions into two-dimensional form. By learning to draw you will sharpen observation, empower self-expression and sharpen observation skills. During the course of the semester, students will explore drawing as mark-making, as gesture and as pattern. To represent objects in space, the use of light and shadow as well as various other techniques of perspective and contrast will also be introduced. At the end of the semester students will be able to demonstrate a fundamentally sound command of drawing basics as well as an ability to discuss their work using aesthetic and philosophical terms.

Prof. Perry Vasquez

Tuesdays noon-3
Rm 707